Gavin Sparrow is Dark's interpertation of Gasparo, the Mario Fan Character made by Fantendo user Flameguy9981. While user Exotoro already redesigned him, Dark decided to focus more on revamping Gasparo's backstory.


Gavin Sparrow was a low class miner working for a mining buisness that was trying to find very rare crystals down in the deep. Ever since he was first saved from a Goomba army by Mario and Luigi, he admired the two brothers and wished to join them on their adventures one day. 

Gavin was one day sent on a mining expedition which was very important to the company. However, he was unable to find any minerals, and he was kicked out of the company, left heartbroken. This brought him to insanity, and he began believing he was a rejected Mario Brother named "Gasparo." He then hated the Mario Bros and tried to steal their glory by ultimatley defeating them. However, during one of his battles with Mario and Luigi, the two brothers used their powers to banish him to the Fantendoverse, where he currently remains, trying to satisfy his newfound lust for power.


Before going insane, Gavin was an intelligent yet shy boy, who dreamed of becoming a hero. Mario became his role model after being rescued by him and Luigi. However, after being fired from the mining company, he transitioned from a mild-mannered dreamer to a ruthless, power-hungry madman. He won't stop until all his enemies are crushed and he gains ultimate power. However, could there still be some good in him?.....

Weapons and Abilities

After going completely batsh*t crazy, Gavin also developed a mild case of pyromania, possibly due to Mario's use of the Fire Flower. Because of this, he usually uses a flamethrower in battle, and also uses his old pickaxe as a melee weapon. He doesn't have any special abilities though. 


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