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Gatkogun is a mysterious species that appear in Henchuchai Jikuma! series, he first appeared in episode 64: Headbutt Zero.


Kind of looks like an airplane and a weasel, with a weird mustache. He has a shark fin for a beard and two bananas for horns.


  • Headbutt: Gatkogun hits its opponent on the head with it's butt.
  • Fire Beam: Gatkogun has ability to fire a fire beam from it horns.


In episode 64, Gatkogun attempts to cause what could be called "mayhem" in the city of Tokyo, located in Japan. Later, he fought the main characters of Henchuchai Jikuma!. After a short fight, he could not beat main characters because he's not any of the main characters who always win every single fight in the series. He then flees to forest. The next morning he makes and an attempt to cause more mayhem in Tokyo city once more. Later, he was fought by main characters again, after a long, repetitive battle that reuses footage from the previous battle, he got mauled by main characters again. He then try to flees and leave that city. At the end, he is seen causing mayhem in Yokohama city until he is stopped a Japanese model who he falls in love with and spends the rest of his life with, having retired from a life of destruction.

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