Gasparo Kart: Double Dash is the fourth game in the Gasparo Kart series for the Gasptendo Gaspcube. This game introduces Double Dash mode, a element used in some fanon games.

Characters: [with special item]

Gasparo: Diamond

Reazi: Paintbrush

Rukoti: Sunshine

Doeha [new]: Leaf

Wasparo: Poison Diamond

Wareazi [new]: Poison Paintbrush

Gorilla Kong: Giant Banana

Giddy Kong: Triple Banana [new]

Roopa: Triple Red Shells

Pararoopa: Triple Spiny Shells [new]

Yoshina: Yoshina Egg

Birdia: Birdia Egg [new]

Bowsi: Bowsi Shell

Bowsi Jr. [new]:  Jr Shell

Baby Gasparo: Chain Chomp

Baby Reazi: Bullet Bill


Toadina and Toasd [first apperance new]

Triple Golden Mushroom



Reazi Raceway

Rukoti Beach

Baby Playground

Dry Dry Dunes

Flower Cup

Diamond Ridge

Gasparo Circuit

Doeha Cruiser

Wareazi Collosuom

Star Cup

Sherbert World

Diamond Highway

Yoshina Circuit

GK Volcano

Special Cup:

Wasparo Stadium

Dino Dino Rainforest

Bowsi's Castle

Rainbow Ride

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