Gasparo New
The treasure hunter.
Current Age 35
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Wherever he wants to stay
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Pickaxe, Dog
Ability/ies Mining, Finding Treasure
First Appearance Gasparo's Mining Mania

Gasparo is a middle-aged miner who lives his pet Poochy. Gasparo mines old dungeons and caves for a living, and travels across the world. Due to having to travel so much, Gasparo doesn't have one specific living place, making him homeless.


Gasparo tries to be a good person but struggles with caring for others. He'll try to be nice and friendly but is sometimes a jerk to those around him, depending on what's going on his life. He's offended easily and is ashamed of himself for what he says to others.


Gasparo is a male middle-aged man. His grey hair and beard is messy and untrimmed. His hair is covered up when he mines, as he wears an orange head lamp to see. His eyes are brown, and he has a rather large nose, which makes him look like Mario. He wears a brown jacket with an orange "G" on it on top of his khaki shirt. He also wears jeans and brown shoes. He normally is seen with a large white bag, his pickaxe and his dog with him.


Gasparo's Mining Mania

In this game, Gasparo is the title character, and the goal of the game is to go around various caves, dungeons and abandoned places and find as many jewels as possible. You also have to overcome hazards and obstacles in the caves.



  • Gasparo's pet Poochy has green spots.