Sora Gasparo
Gaspare is Exotoro's take on the Gasparo character. The character was designed by Exotoro, with ideas from Meme and Supersonicdarkness.


Gaspare works for the Mushroom Kingdom as explorer, discovering new lands and discovering ancient artifacts. He once fell into a hole in the Mushroom Kingdom, discovering a hidden underground, with a crystal known as the Heart of the Mushroom Kingdom. The crystal gives him a strange sensation when he touches it, giving him the ability to warp through the multiverse. As a result though, he gets crazy nightmarish flashbacks of dead universes.

His appearance varies from universe to universe, although for the most part he is identified as a Mario recolor due to his origin universe. The crystal also created a dark clone of him called Gasparo, a mindless clone that could be easily willed to a villain.



As a fellow treasure hunter, Wario and Gaspare often compete in treasure hunts. Wario seems to think of Gaspare as lowly but Gaspare seems not to notice Wario's contempt for him.


Gaspare completes missions and collects artifacts for Peach. He is in charge of creating a map of the Mushroom Kingdom.


His ex-girlfriend. After Mario and her broke up Gaspare dated her for a while before things went sour. It is unknown what caused them to split.

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