Gary Guy
Gary Guy's 3D Render
Full Name Gary Guy
Current Status Alive
Vulnerable To Fire
First Appearance Kenny Koopa's Revenge
Latest Appearance Kenny Koopa's Revenge
*makes shy guy noises*
Gary Guy from Kenny Koopa's Revenge

Gary Guy is a Shy Guy that is one of the two friends of Kenny Koopa. He is a Shy Guy with cyan shoes and wears a Shy Guy mask as well as a green Shy Guy outfit.


Like Kenny, Gary Guy was once a member of Bowser's militia but left. The only thing strange is that they never met each other during their criminal days. Gary left first, though, and managed to do it without getting caught, unlike Kenny.


Kenny Koopa's Revenge

Image Character Description Normal Moves Special Moves
Gary Guy KK Gary Guy Gary maybe a shy fellow, but he has a strong heart. He is just like other shy guys. Except he's green and his main element is grass. He makes shy guy noises but be hopes to talk soon.
  • Shy Attack
  • Leaf Attack
  • Super Shy Attack
  • Leaf Barrage

Kenny Koopa's Revenge 2

Image Character Description Normal Moves Special Moves
GaryGuy3DArtwork Gary Guy The Shy Guy still hasn't learned how to speak, yet. But he did finally manage to commune with Kenny Koopa and Koomba. With Yinnek Koopa unleashed, Gary must fight the forces of evil again to restore the benevolent peace that roams the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Face Scare
  • Leaf Attack
  • Leaf Barrage
  • Leaf Sheild
  • Green Stomp