Garlic Monster who is Wario. Is a Monster from the game, Supernatural: Mario Edition. He is the first monster to capture.


Wario comes here and shoves Mario. He ate the nastiest garlic in the world. His body turns gigantic. And turn into the Garlic Monster. When you hit him twice. He will laugh and summon his minions, Garlic Droppings. They are Pikmin. Who serves Wario.


One time, There was a man named Wario. This day, he was sick with a disease call Garlic Nap. Garlic Nap is to go crazy with Garlic. One time he went to the Kitchen and ate the nastiest garlic. He turned big and decided to take over Diamond City. Diamond City was in big peril. The Garlic Monster still lives today and Diamond City citizens don't know what is happening.

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