Gargoyle's Quest 64
Developer(s) Capcom, Saurus
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 64
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan December 12, 1997

25px-Flag of Europe Febuary 20, 1998

25px-Flag of USA Febuarary 23, 1998

Age Rating(s)
E10 12+
Genre(s) RPG/Platformer
Media Included N64 Cartridge

Gargoyle's Quest 64 is the sequel to Demon's Crest(the name was changed back due to Taito not having anything to do with making it) and the prequel to Gargoyle's Quest 3. It was made by Capcom and Saurus. It was number 47 on Nintendo Power's Top 100 N64 games. It's usual rating is 8/10.


In this game you play as Firebrand as he fireballs his way through his new enemy The Blue Arremers. Instead of being tall and skinny like the Red Arremers they are short and fat. Also they're immune to fire, so Firebrand must find other ways to defeat them. Since there are only 8 he thinks it will be easy because he's become the Red Blaze. If only he knew what he was in for. After the assumed final boss, Firebrand is about to kill the 8th Blue Arreremer when suddenly it transforms. "Prepare for your doom Red Blaze, for I am the Blue Torrent!" he booms as the final battle begins. Firebrand is about to be crushed by the immense tsunami unleashed by his foe, when he uses all of his strength to Shoot an inferno, evaporating the tsunami and managing to kill the Blue Torrent. When Firebrand returns to Ghoul city he tells the King of the defeat of the Blue Arreremers. "How?" , asked the mayor. "With fire" , Firebrand says proudly as the camera zooms towards his eyes and the credits roll in.


  • Control Stick: Move
  • A: Jump
  • A-A: Jump then hover
  • B: Spit Fireball
  • B-Hold->B(release): Charge Fireball
  • Start: Pause
  • Z: Grab(Z again to through enemy if picked up or let go if climbing)
  • R: "Center" on enemy
  • Down C: Use Item
  • Hold up C and move Control Stick: move camera


GQ64 is a platformer/puzzle/RPG. It requires you to Jump, Hover, and Climb your away around obstacles while figuring out puzzles that might involve certain items. Fighting is simple. The simple way to do it is Center on an enemy (wich works like OoT's Z-targeting) then shoot a fireball at it. At the end of each chapter Firebrand must fight a Blue Arremer, which require using the stage or an item. To equip an item enter the menu, highlight the item, select the item with A, then exit the menu. The damage system was going to revolve around the rumble pack by vibrating harder the more hurt you were, but they changed to a regular Health Meter.


Image Name Description Abilities
Firebrand by steamboy33-d544o8x-1


Firebrand "A hotheaded Red Arrermer. Still young at the age of 2000 he has become the Red Blaze, hero of all Ghouls. Despite his poor physical power he still has powerful Firebreath. He can't fully fly, but he can hover for long periods of time. Having clawed hand and feet make it very easy to climb and grasp things. His voice is similar to Spyro's from Spyro A Hero's Tail except foggier(due to the N64's limitations the talking sounds like Animal Crossing Speech)." Hovering, Firebreathing, Climbing, and Awakening the Red Blaze}

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