Gardevoir (Darmanitan Slam)
Gardevoir, princess of Pokudu Island.
Full Name Elder
Gender Female
Location Pokudu Island
Class Hero
Elder (father)
Ability/ies Psychic abilities, teleportation

Gardevoir is a character in the Darmanitan Slam series. She is the daughter of Podudu Island's guardian, the Elder. Her first appearance was in Darmanitan Slam U. She is Darmanitan's love interest.


Gardevoir is a bery loving, kind-hearted Pokémon. She almost always makes sure someone's well-being is safe. She does not like fighting and conflict. Not wanting to be any kind of warrior, she uses defense maneuvers (forcefields, barriers, etc.) when in aggression.

She loves her father, the Elder, but she does not approve of most of the things he does.

Powers and Abilities

Game Appearances

  • Darmanitan Slam U — Her first appearance. She becomes Darmanitan's love interest and aids him and Darumaka through their journey home.