Garden Planet

Garden Planet is one of the six battle stages appearing in Mario Kart 9th. It is playable by default.


It is a very simple layout. In the middle is a giant sunflower which shakes a bit around and has a total of 20 item boxes around it, 5 diagonally in a line to the corner. On the end are hedges you can drive on where four item boxes are laying. You can go on three bridges, one right, one left and one straight ahead. When going left or right you drive around on the hedges in a square. When going straight ahead you only drive on the inner hedges and can jump to the other hedge. You can also go straight ahead on the inner hedges and jump on a speed bar (sorry not added in the picture) and jump on the sunflower to go to the other side of the map.


The sunflower in the middle is slightly higher than the hedges. The design is similar to the small planet of the Gusty Garden Galaxy. Before zooming on the stage you can see it actually is located on a planet in the Gusty Garden Galaxy. However you can ride out of the hedge garden because of the gates at the east, south, north and west being closed. Everywhere are little flowers like in the Mario games. The bridges aren't brown they are actually white wooden fences you put against plants, they also have little vines wrapped around them.

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