Gaol Stronghold is a prison located in the Pyroverse; it lacks a specific dimension or location, as the fortress is designed with a nebulaic energy-powered warp drive, which enables it to travel across the Pyroverse freely.

It is notable for the massive amount of inmates and power level of the inmates, acting as an Arkham Asylum-style compound for the most powerful fugitives in the Pyroverse.


Gaol Stronghold was built by Judgemaster Axel in Omniversal Date 2222 BF, and was originally meant to act as a prison for the judgemaster's own dimension. Upon Axel's first future vision in 2216 BF, however, the creator realized that all dimensions had an exceedingly large amount of powerful villains, who would eventually bring ruin to the Pyroverse as a whole. Equipping the prison with a warp drive, he and the prison guard set off across the multiverse, capturing anything deemed threatening enough.

Since that date, Gaol Stronghold has expanded from a castle-sized building to a continent-sized space station, equipped with advanced technology gathered from various dimensions. It is also known to have a room referred to as the "Trove", a collection of valuables gathered by Axel and Gaol workers over the years. It is rumored that an Eternity Artifact is among the treasures.

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