Note: this page talks about this character in Super Smash Bros. Strife.

SSB Metroid Series

"Gandrayda shocks!" (Introduction tagline)

Gandraydra, a relative unknown Metroid character, fights in this game! She is so agile and can control the battlefield with her electric powers. She can also move the opponents from left to right and it's a two way street.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Electric Shot. Gandrayda charges an electric move which can inflicts from 4% to 9% of damage.

Side Special: Electromagnetism. Gandrayda paralyzes a close opponents and then she can launch him everywhere. This move inflicts 12% of damage.

Up Special: Magnetic Levitation. Gandrayda levitates and can change her position with another opponent, inflicting 8% of damage.

Down Special: Shocking Wall. Gandrayda makes an electric barrier which can deflect the projectiles.

Final Smash: Shocking BOOM! Gandrayda shoots a shockwave which paralyzes the opponents. Then she teleports herself to the opponents inflicting 52% of damage to each.

Strife Smash: Volt Move. Gandrayda makes an electric sphere which moves the opponents which are trapped in. The move inflicts 76% of damage.

Unlock Criteria

  • Use 5 times the paralyzer.
  • Grab 50 times the opponents.
  • Have her join in Story Mode.


  • Her Standard Move are identical to Zero Suit Samus ones. Her running speed and her agility too is identical.

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