Gamuchu are a group of many worlds under the order of Iwata. It appears in Game Sentai Nintenger.



Also known as "The Main World", and where Iwata lives. It acts as the Nintenger's base.


Also known as "The Dragon World", and is where ShigeRyu lives. It is inhabited by beings known as Kinojins. Everything in the world is huge besides the Kinojins, which are considerable small compared to average humans. Powzer wants to take it over because he wants to command the destructive dragons that live there.


"The Magical World", and is where MiyamotOkami lives. It is inhabited by beings called Takisokians, which are very much like humans, except they can use magic, and have pointed ears. The world is medivel like. Kannondozu wants to take it over because he hears there is the ultimate power hidden somewhere in the world.


Also known as "The Space World", and is where GunpeIgeru lives. It is inhabited by bird like beings called the Chozettos. The world is alien like, with most life being unknown to someone from Earth. Lidray wants to use it as his new base for the Nazca Pirates.


Also known as "The Fantasy World", and is where Sakyatto lives. It is inhabited by many kinds of creatures, which  are very imaginitive, and I don't mean they have big imagination, I mean they look like something from a cartoon. The world is generally jolly and cheerful. King Guredy wants to take over, because he wants to fill the empty hole inside him.


Also known as "The Energy World", and is where Satochu  lives. It is a world of energy, and beings of energy live there known as Denjins. T. Eiji wants to use the world and it's inhabitants as a power source.


Also known as "The God World", and is where YokOmoi lives. It is a world inhabited by divine beings known as Kamikireis(LOL!). HebiKe was banished from the world, and now wants revenge. 


Also known as "The Dark World", and is where MasaHero lives. It is a mirror world, and is where all counter parts reside. 

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