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Darlann! Good to see you! Came to defend your friend Gamorak, have you?
Gamorak, in his recruitment chat.

Gamorak (FE: BoU)
Concept art of Gamorak.
Full Name Gamorak
Current Age 23
Date of Birth January 25th
Gender Male
Species Human
Class Mage (1st-tier)
Main Weapon(s) Elemental Tomes, daggers
First Appearance Chapter 1: Lowbridge Arcanists
Arcane Squad
Family and Relations
Wife (Chosen in-game), Aldalf (Son)
Gamorak is the head of the Arcane Squad in the Ephors army. He likes to think that Darlann's duty is to protect him, not Auav. He is a fan of books, magic and annoying Darlann. He is very selfish.

Stat Blocks

Stat Numerical
HP 13
Strength 4
Magic 11
Speed 7
Movement 7
Skill 5
Defense 3


Charisma 6
Items Fire (25), Vulnerary (3)
Weapon Level
Swords E (Daggers only)
Tomes (Everything) C
Magic +2


Fight Voices

Aid Another

  • "You're lucky I'm here!"
  • "The Gamorak's here!"
  • "Without me you are a loser..."

Followup Attack

  • "Gamorak shall kill!"
  • "I can do that..."
  • "I want to kill it!"

Critical Hit\Skill Use

  • "Wanna die?"
  • "Oh yeah, Gamorak-style!"
  • "Who's a winner now?"

Beat Enemy

  • "Yeah, I rule."
  • "It was only me!"
  • "I wanna kill MORE!"

Other Voices


  • "I'm greater!"
  • "Behold me!"


  • "Oh, for me?"
  • "From my fan-budget!"
  • "Gimme gold!"
  • "Hey, money!"


  • "Yeah, books!"
  • "Meh, I write better..."
  • "Oh, nice!"


  • "I'm not good for you!?"
  • "Oh, I look awesome..."
  • "Let's see..."


Gamorak's name comes from Gmork, a villain in The Neverending Story.

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