FINISH HIM(and by that I mean finish Volt Month)


It's been a good month. Various game releases, back to school stuff, and Fantendo got a temporary SGY theme. Some people may also know that it is Volt Month here at the GWG team. And by team I mean just me. To finish Volt Month, here is my review of: Volt: Trinity.


The story is now quite long which I like. Volt must figure out how to stop the incoming Second Impact as it starts to melt, a firey sprakling named Torchie tries to help Volt and gets involved in an adventure of his own, and a sparkling in debt of the villain of the first two games Strato tries to stop all who challenge the villain while trying to free himself of the debt by going after Strato as well. The stories intertwine into a final story, ending the troubles and bringing Chargio to true peace.

I left out some details because they spoil or are minor. I reccomend you read the story here.

It is really good and quite long.


Single Player

The Story seems quite nice. I like Aero's gunplay and the fighter-like ideas included in Torchies gameplay. Seems nice.



Mainly old ones. That stinks. There are some upsides but not much.



A lot more in-depth. Nothing interesting though.



Volt: Trinity is simply amazing. The first two games are pretty good, but this one expands on almost everything. I can't wait for Pablo to finish this amazing series in the layout of this one.

I'm JrTroopaJr. Troopa and I give this game my rating of: 9/10!

If you like that, check out other GWG reviews here. I also blog. Meh. See you guys later!

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