Welcome, everyone. Today is our Season Special cause' Brock said so. With the holy DK's blessing, this is my review(No all caps I promise) of Painterly.


Painterly Boxart


A man who is depressed and grim named Morsai creates graphic paint-wait I thought this was a E10+ game. Anyways, he creates sad paintings when one day two little munchkins change everything. Morsai becomes evil and attacks and kidnaps his sister. The boy brat sets off on an adventure.  The story is actually way deeper then that but for plot hole's sake and because the ending is so good, you can read it here.

Deep, heatwarming, and original every word of Painterly is a treat.



Meh, not too descriptive and some things are missing but it holds up okay.



Mind-blowing backgrounds with good descriptions.



I love the little chibi art for the two kids and Morsai looks cool two, good descriptions.



I love these. The dragon isn't regular, he's a foam head carried by a simple enemy. Morsai's signature is a boss, EVERYTHING in these boxes is a treat.



Cool descriptions and art, but the fact that some enemies are reused multiple times is meh.



One of the best games on Fantendo dare I say. I won't even calculate or be reasonable about this score. This game is heartfelt, beautiful, and could hold up as a real game.


That's all for today, but tune in whenever because I feel like it. Leave comments, suggestions, insults, rants and more in the boxes below. Want a game of yours to be reviewed? Ask me, i'll definitely say yes. Bye!

JrTroopaJr. Troopa

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