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Volt Month is here everyone! If you missed my review of the first game, see it here. Today, I am reviewing the second game in the mainseries, Second Impact. Does it fall a bit short like the first game, or start a chain of great games? Or is it better then that, or worse? Let's find out!


Volt is now a hero as far as heroes go in Chargio. He's chillaxing(so wacky/hip) one day and he meets a sparkling named Hailey. However, there is no time for greetings as Strato is back with the surviving robots and a new weapon of mass destruction Second Impact. Volt and Hailery go through many worlds defeating the bots and eventually freezing Second Impact.

Strato is still alive though, and so are some young robots.

Great and long story compared to the first game with a couple cool plot points and the nice inclusion of Hailey. However, it is still a tad short and it's weird how Pablo switches between Strato and Lord Ghoulish.



Cool, but short. The only real innovation is multiplayer. The enemies are as always a treat and given their own bestIary in this game. The worlds still are based off of some negative emotion, however this is sadly downplayed. I do quite like Insecure Security though.

Overall, it's pretty good.



I love these baddies. Not many are new but the upgrade system is great and a new oke enemy is introduced, much to my liking.

Really nice, 10/10


Much better then the first game with some awesome new elements. However, it still has some unfinished flaws. It's a good game overall though and it gets my:


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FGN is well, dead, but they have tons of good reviews for you to go through.


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