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 On my mildly praised Painterly review, I got two requests for two Mario Kart games(DX Mario Kart and Mario Kart ULTIMATE). Instead of doing them both in order later, I decided to smush them together for a whooooole new segment: Battle Review!


Mario Kart ULTIMATE wins out here because well, it's simply more descritpive. Kudos to both because they have a Double Dash mode that is unlockable.

DX MK: 7/10

MKU: 9/10

Point goes to MKU!


Again MKU is more descriptive, but DX wins out here because it's all done nicely in tables.

DX MK: 8.9/10

MKU: 8.8/10

(barely) Point goes to DX!


DX MK did it better in appearance and roster. I hate these fan koopalings but you have Tumble and a Shroob, nuff said.

DX MK: 9/10

MKU: 7/10

Point goes to DX!


MKU is back, huwhat? It has DLC which DX is lacking and I will give a point because it adds some pretty cool characters.

DX MK: 0/10

MKU: 8/10

Point goes to MKU!


DX has a pretty cool mix and match thing but MKU has far more things in better quality.

DX: 7/10

MKU: 9/10

Point goes to MKU!


Good on both sides!

Even Tie of: 8/10


DX may lack some sections but they do have a missions thing.  It's well written and original and the missions seem new and not clones of MKDS.

Point to DX.


It's a tie! I do love MKU's push to add deeper descriptions but DX usually has the better of cosmetics. All in all, they get from me an 8/10, you should go read both of them now.

I'm JrTroopaJr. Troopaand this was Gaming with Glasses. Thanks for reading.


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