Gaming with Glasses-Ep. 2 1 Sucked so Ep. 1-Sonic Adventure 2(and SA2 Battle)

Welcome back to Gaming with Glasses, where I all caps reviews and troll everyone in under a minute. With Sonic: Lost World coming out and me owning SA2 and SA2 Battle for my Xbox, I decided to review SA2? Is it good, or bad? Or okay? Let's find out!.......yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay SPOLERS




SA2 has two stories, Hero and Dark(and the Final Story). Bad was too edgy(soedgy.png) for them. They all are related and intertwine, so here goes me trying to put them together. So, Dr. Ivo Robotnik infiltrates a Goverment base and releases a locked up project. This hedgehog who is not similar to Sonic at all(yet everyone thinks it is Sonic) promises to help Robotnik if he collects the 7 chaos emeralds and gives them to Shadow on the "ARK". Eggman begins to go on the hunt while Shadow does two. This misleads everyone to beleive that it was Sonic who caused the crimes. Sonic escapes pursuit, but is thrown in jail. Tails and Amy rescue him, while Knuckles fights with a treasure hunting bat for the Master Emerald. This sends them both on a hunt, and they eventually end up with their respective groups. The two teams end up fighting on the ARK, only to learn of the Biolizard, the prototype of Shadow. Shadow is convinced by Amy to help humanity as we learn more of his background. In his youth, the goverment deemed the projectsa on the ARK too dangerous and killed all on board except for the select few who escaped. Shadow's best friend "Maria" is killed, scarring himfor life and making him dark. Shadow takes on the Biolizard, who's goal is to destroy Earth, and takes it down. However, it melts with the ARK to become the Finalhazard. The two team team up and use the seven Chaos Emeralds to give the two hedgehogs Super powers. They destroy the Finalhazard, but Shadow falls to his "death". Life goes back to normal, until Shadow returns and the heroes are all back, in Sonic Heroes.


Anyways, the game isn't too confusing and actually is interesting and satisfying when all things come together. Amy wasn't necessary but oh well. Really, the game is about Shadow and the moral being to confront your past and stick with good no matter what.

Story: 9/10


There are three styles of gameplay as well as the Chao Garden. Each one shall be reviewed seperately.

Sonic and Shadow

Basically all of the high speed goodness that was Sonic's story in SA1. Fun, fast paced, and action packed with little nooks and crannies to explore.


Doctor Ivo Robotnik and Miles "Tails" Prower

The goal is to shoot everything in SIGHT(caps for random emphasis)! I love this stuff, save for some glitches and the UNBEARABLE camera.


Knuckles and Rouge

The goal here is to collect all three Master Emeralds(Or Egg-Keys and ect.). Fun sometimes but mainly frusterating and long. If we ever get SA3, or anything like it get rid of this type!


Chao Garden


Sponsored by All-Stars: Ultra Battles cheesy jokes

Really fun, the Chao Garden lets you raise little things called Chao. Addictive and fun.



Put the best artists in gaming with quirky raps and more and you get music bless. Some tracks are meh but when the music shines is SHINES.


Replay Value

Each stage has a couple stages and with the mutliplayers this game has a lot to come back for.


SA2 Battle Battle

The multiplayer?


It's a pretty good time plus I enjoy playing as the other characters.



Pretty good in fact great taking in that this was a 2001 game. The only thing is the unbearable lip-syncing.



If you can get through Knux and Rouge this game is great. It's up on the PS3 and Xbox 360 so pick it up today.


So, if you need more stuff to do. Umm. Wait til next time?....

Give requests for stuff and I will do it, leave your opinions, rants, and more in teh comments.

They call me JohnnyInvasionDog

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