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Gaming with Glasses-Ep. 0-NOW 100% SMARTER-Super Smash Bros. Crystal

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BLA...Wait. Before I become a complete and total idiot and make my FOURTH video game show bad. (YES fourth) I think I should make this clear, please don't turn back no because of my other failed attempts. I promise to be more smarterer for this show. It may be hard...but I shall complete this quest. Today I am going to review Super Smash Bros. Crystal the newest fighter from Tris Com-Err....Keyhole Gaming?. He added it with a meh in his edit summary. What the heck man? Have you no faith?

Let's begin

Number One-Story

The sixth Super Smash Bros. tournament has started

wait what? Slow down a sec, the sixth? Anyways, the beginning is your average Mario versus Kirby thing whihc turns out into a gigantic primid beatdown. From there, just an average story flipping subspace thing. Not bad....ugh. The Don't all cap. Don't all cap.

  • sigh*

I lived.


Number Two-Gameplay

The gameplay description is nothing new just average, However, I would like Locky to explain the modes more in-depth.


Number Three-Characters

Nice cast of newcomers and veterans combined. Plus, Rayman for teh win


Number Four- Stages

I like them.

That's all.

Read on.




Number Five-Everything else

As a whole, good. Very.


The Verdict

Two plus Two plus 5 plus 3 plus four divided by 2=



Divide again



That's the verdict for you.

Like, subscribe, and...oh yeah this isn't youtube.

Dang it.

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