Gaming with Glasses, is a TV show that replaced The Fantendo Critic after a terribly recieved episode. It differs from Sr.Wario's usual erratic random behavior, showing him differently. Make requests for fan-fics, real games, Fantendo games and more.                          

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Regular Reviews

March 21, 2013-August 29, 2013

  1. Gaming with Glasses-Ep. 1-NOW 100% SMARTER-Super Smash Bros. Crystal
  2. Gaming with Glasses-Ep. 1-Sonic Adventure 2/SA2 Battle
  3. Gaming with Glasses-Super Special Summer Season Special-Painterly
  4. Gaming with Glasses-A very gritty Episode 4-The Rise of the Darkness
  5. Gaming with Glasses-Ice, Ice, Baby-Ice Climbers: Awakening
  6. Gaming with Glasses-Episode 6-The Lump of Us
  7. Gaming with Glasses-That's the way we Brock our hands!-Yoshi's Island U
  8. Gaming with Glasses-1, 21 Jumps-Super Mario Jumps

Volt Month(August 2013)

9. Gaming with Glasses-Volt Month 1-ELECTRIC BOGGLE                                                                             10.Gaming with Glasses-Volt Month 2-Second (Review) Impact                                                                           11. Gaming with Glasses-Volt Month 3-Not the Matrix One!-Volt: Trinity

September 1, 2013-January

12. Gaming with Glasses/New Super Luigi U: 8 Months of Luigi         

13. Gaming with Glasses/New Suer Bowser U: New Super U 2: Bowser Boogaloo                                                          

Preview Buzz

Battle Review


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Sonic games

Volt Month(August 2013)

LGL Month(January 2014)

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