Gaming news with Mario and Wario is a series of video's on the Nintendo E-shop. It has Mario and Wario tell and announce future Nintendo games and other news.



  • Mario and Wario tell the viewers about new Nintendo games, news, and other things.
  • Wario reviews a game made by Nintendo. What he thinks of it depends on votes.
  • Mario interviews a Nintendo character.
  • Occasionally, a guest helps out on the show, mostly delivering the news.


  • Mario: Mario is an friendly, kind and happy plumber who's in charge of interviewing and telling news. While he tolerates Wario, he's still easily frustrated by his actions.
  • Wario: Wario is a greedy, dumb and stingy treasure hunter who is in charge of Reviewing games and telling news. He hates how Mario is always happy and enjoys messing with him.
  • TBA



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