Gaming Unlimited

Type Private
Industry Video Game Entertainment
Predecessor(s) Unknown
Founded Secret Area 843848


Headquarters Undisclosed Location 843847X
Key workers *Undisclosed (President)

  • Undisclosed (Project Director)
  • Undisclosed (Audio Director)
  • Undisclosed (Writing Director)
  • Undisclosed (CFO)
  • Undisclosed (COO)
Employees Unknown (2013)
Website None Detected

Nintendo Infinite

Gaming Unlimited, Inc is a recently revealed company whose funder known only under the pseudonym ShadowKnight84 claims has existed for several years, its cooperation with Nintendo Japan and Nintendo of America reveals that Gaming Unlimited has been working on their projects for a significant amount of time.

With the permission of  both Nintendo Japan and Nintendo of America Gaming Unlimited has been working on a project known as Nintendo Infinite it has been revealed that this is the working name of a new videogame console, whose market goal is to develop "Nintendo quality" games on what is rumored to be a state-of-the-art console surpassing the processing power of supercomputers.


Little is known about this company`s past, except the fact that it has been working closely with Nintendo in order to create a new console, how this company`s existence has been kept secret for this long, is a mystery on its own.


Little is known about this company, which has led to many rumors which have neither been denied nor comfirmed by former Gaming Unlimited spokesman Mr. EXPUNGED.

One of these rumors is regarding Miss EXPUNGED which claimed on CNN Live that her father worked for Gaming Unlimited until he discovered it was part of a world-wide criminal organization, warned her and then ran away,  this was completely coincidentally the last time she heard from him.

Former Gaming Unlimited`s former spokesman confronted her on said set, simply stating "he killed my father too and you dont hear me whining about it!" At this point a terrible technical error happened where everyone on the set was killed, fortunatedly Miss EXPUNGED made it out alive, and so did the late spokesman which was found dead in a trashcan few hours later.

This led to a ongoing police investigation where Interpol concluded the seven gunshots in late Unlimited Spokesman Mr EXPUNGED back "is the strangest case of suicide we have seen" as they expressed their thanks to Gaming Unlimited for the "considerable donation".

While this led to more silly rumors regarding Interpol receiving bribes, this was explained by Gaming Unlimited`s currently living spokesman which stated "We at Gaming Unlimited simply desire to reward Interpol for their hard work during the investigation regarding the tragic brutal murder... suicide, of Mr.... whatever his name was"

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