Gamers on a Mission is a webcomic series about three friends who own a let's play channel. They are best friend, living through many adventures in real-life and in the games. Gamers on a Mission was originally going to debut on 2014, but the creator decided to post it earlier with the first episode being a preview to what is to come.



  • Steve "herooftime001" Mettison: 25-years old adult who likes every type of videogame. Unlike the other main cast, he has a girlfriend named Melissa Newstan.
  • Alex "xXXbadassguyXXx" Oliver: 24-years old adult who is a fan of FPSs and RPGs. He is known for being an aloner, but not because he is a bad person, it is because he doesn't wants to have friends.
  • Mark "trojanhorse" Marine: 26-years old adult who likes videogames just because his best friends does, but he isn't very good at them. He is the only sane man of the cast.

Other Major Characters


Meet the Cast


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