Gamers frenzy is an idea for a crossover fighting game of Nintendo, Capcom, Sega, Square-enix, Namco, and Konami. Characters have three types, Hero, Dark, and Female. Hero characters have an advantage over Dark characters, Dark characters have an advantage over Female characters, and Female characters have an advantage over Hero characters. Each character has 4 alternate designs: their base design, an alternate design, and custom palette swaps of each design. There's 1v1 and 2v2.



  • Mario (H); Dr. Mario
  • Luigi (H); Mr. L
  • Wario (D); Biker Wario
  • Peach (F); Shadow queen Peach
  • Link (H); Fierce deity
  • Zelda (F); Shiek
  • Ganondorf (D); Ganon
  • Pit (H); Three sacred treasures
  • Palutena (F); KI1
  • Marth (H); Awakening


  • Megaman (H); Super adapter
  • Protoman (H); Breakman
  • Bass (D); Super adapter
  • Roll (F); MM8
  • Ryu (H); Evil
  • Chun-Li (F); SFIII
  • Guile (H); SFV
  • Phoenix Wright (H); AJAA
  • Athena (F); Wedding
  • Dante (H); Devil trigger


  • Sonic (H); Excalibur Sonic
  • Knuckles (H); Sir Gawain
  • Shadow (D); Sir Lancelot
  • Amy (F); Nimue
  • Akira (H); VF1
  • Pai Chan (F); VF1
  • Kage-Maru (H); VF1
  • Sakura (F); Uniform
  • Ichiro (H); Uniform
  • Vyce (H); Young


  • Cloud (H); Advent children
  • Cid (H); Advent children
  • Sephiroth (D); One winged
  • Aerith (F); Andrea Bowen
  • Sora (H); KH1
  • Riku (D); KH1
  • Kairi (F); KH1
  • Hero (H); Dragovian armour
  • Medea (F); Horse costume
  • Neku; Headphoneless


  • Nightmare (H); Segfried
  • Mitsurigi (H); Armorless
  • Yoshimitsu (D); Tekken
  • Cassandra (F); SCII alt
  • Jin (H); Devil
  • Heihatchi (D); Young
  • Xiaoyu (F); T5DR
  • Lloyd (H); Nobleman
  • Presea (F); Little Madam
  • Pac-man (H); Modern


  • Simon Belmont (H); Castlevania 2
  • Trevor (H); Castlevania 3
  • Dracula (D); Castlevania 1
  • Sypha (F); Castlevania 3
  • Snake (H); MG
  • Grayfox (D); MG2
  • Raiden (H); MGS2
  • Aaron (H); Sol Trance
  • Lucian (D); Vampire Trance
  • Frogger (H); Great quest


Gamers Frenzy

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