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Byte Party (previously known as Gamer Party) is an upcoming game for the Byte Block, and will utilize the new feature for the console. It will be a minigame compilation where up to 5 players can play games against each other.

Byte Party
Developer(s) Gigabyte Gaming
Publisher(s) Gigabyte Gaming
Platform(s) Byte Block
Genre(s) Party
Release Date(s)
Summer/Fall 2017
Free Play, Board Mode, Party Mode
Series N/A
Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A
Max. amount of players 5


Solo Minigames

While few, there are a couple of games made to be played by one player

Block Drop

A game much like Brick Breaker, where the player's goal is to break all on screen bricks, but by dropping a block from a claw machine-like mechanism. There are a total of 10 levels, this game can also be played in Party Mode where each player tries to get the highest score.

Dual Minigames

Games for 2 people, only playable in Free Play or Party Mode.

Party Minigames

The obvious focus of the game, consisting of most of the games.

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