The Gamer's Phone is another Handheld Devise created by TTY Inc. It's like and Ipod, exept with an Extendable Keypad, so you can text anyone at any time, then when the text is sent, it gets right back onto your thing.

Note: Even though it was created by TTY Inc, any game company can make apps/games for it.


Note: When first gotten, everything is 16-Bit. But if you have enough money ($50), it will be switched to today's graphics.

Starter Apps

  • GPS App
  • Internet App
  • Camera App
    • Camera
    • Video Camera
  • Music App
    • Any song downloaded from ITunes
  • Painting App
  • Youtube App
  • App Store
  • Album App

Buyable Apps

Other Info

  • The Sonic Generations game is just the Console Version of Sonic Generations.

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