Game of Bob(Bob's Amazing Game in Japan) is an Omegaverse fighting game, and the first Smash Bros. Game to not have the word Smash Bros. in it. It is for the new system Arcadian. DO NOT EDIT PLEASE! By order of User:1337doom


Mcbob: His final smash is the famous move onion cry, as seen on Omegaverse Characters.

Rattly Duck: He shoots out a giant thunder bolt for his final smash!

Logjam: When he uses beaver dam, opponents get covered in logs!

1337doom: I make a mini Doom Room, and spike opponents!

These are 4 of the 8 characters in the game. It is also confirmed that one Fantendo user will be in it as well. If you want to be in it, then talk to User:1337doom on his talk page!

Secret Characters

There are 6 secrets, and to unlock them, you must do something about game time.


So far there is only one stage confirmed, and thats Doom Room.

It is known that one other stage will come, and a secret stage!


Smash ball, and all melee items except Poke ball.

Thats all!

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