The Game Triangle is a console device by Nintendo. It is the last console made by Nintendo. It is called the Game Triangle to prevent sueages for.... yeah, you know. It was the sucessor to the Nintendo Gamecube, due to the Wii not being allowed an actual sucessor for sueimg reasons. It is made in 2020.


The Game Triangle is literally shaped a triangle. Apart from a regular controller, and no gamepad or wii remote, it basicially is a Wii U. This is the last inventation by Nintendo, as it had lost too many money to continue.


  • Peach's Finale:The absolute final mario, and even nintendo game. It is a 3d platformer in which ALL Charcters from mario kart or other platformers ppear.
  • Mario's last drive:The last Mario Kart
  • Luigi's mansion: final ghost: Luigi agrees to help egad stop haunted houses for one last time. ghosts from various other nintendo games (e.g. kirby) appear as enmies
  • axel rose's last marriage with sean kingston
  • clown's last clowning
  • doctor's last doctoring
  • ing's last ing
  • last's last last
  • obama's last song
  • brawl in the family's one final song
  • justin bieber's one last time
  • chris brown's one last beating
  • s's last's s's
  • shrek's last smash mouth
  • Daft Punk's Last night,I had this dream about you

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