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Game Over, also known as Fantendo - Game Over is a huge fighting game featuring hundreds of characters from all over the New Fantendoverse, alternate universes, and more. It has been in development hell since the closure of Fantendo - Factions. The game follows the same concept of the giant fighting title M.U.G.E.N., but, the characters are pre-loaded onto this game, as well as them being professionally created instead of fan-created.

The game is set in a fictional afterlife, where all the characters of the New Fantendoverse, alternate universes, and more are stuck in a video game "Limbo". New characters will be added to the game as they are introduced through new content.



The game plays like a standard fighter, such as Street Fighter.

Signature Characters

Signature Characters are the more popular or well known characters in the game. They are the rarest characters in the game, who are known in the real world for representing video gaming individuals or companies. Signature Characters have an exclusive ability. At the beginning of the game, you get three of them at random to help you through the beginning stages of the game's tutorial and story.

Rarity Rankings

Characters in the game are categorised by rarity, using a star system. Characters are rated out of ten stars, the higher the star count relating to the harder they are to unlock as a fighter. 

Character Levels

Characters have their own levels in the game. They level up after being used, and they unlock new moves and improve their stats. 

Move Levels

Moves also have their own levels. They level up after being used, and improve the damage they deal upon levelling up.






  • I'll be using most characters I can find in this game's roster, but if there are any specific characters you don't want to appear, please message me (tbc).
  • The title, "Game Over", refers to how the characters included are over in their gaming universe while subsequently being involved in a video game in the real world. 

Solarrion Project

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