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Game Over is a crossover RPG game created and developed by multiple companies, the only companies who are working on the game are Nintendo, Sega, Maxis and Konami.

Game Play

Coming Soon


Chapter 1: The Mushroom King

In the Mushroom Kingdom Mario, Luigi, Peach and Daisy where enjoying tea at the top of Peach's Castle when suddenly Toad ran up the stairs to say "Princess! Come quick! The Mushroom King is in trouble!". The gang race down the stairs to find The Mushroom King being attacked by Ridley, "Daddy!" Peach shouted and ran towards him shouting "Get back!" Mario and Luigi fight against Ridley only to be deffeated, Ridley continues to attack The Mushroom King only to be shot and killed by Daisy "That's how they do it in my neighborhood". They all turn to look at The Mushroom King who is lying down motionless in a corner, the gang rush to him "Daddy?" said Peach with tears running down her face "Peach, *hack* i need to you to do something, you must leave The Mushroom Kingdom and go far away as possible, a Void is oppening under here and will suck us into another world, i need you to go to a place far from here, i... love... you... Peach *hack*" The Mushroom King said his last breath and died. "*sob* come on guys... we need to go" said Peach walking out the door.

Chapter 2: Not So Pleasant Pleasantview

At The Goths Hosehold, Mortimer was looking through the telliscope in hope to find his wife Bella "*sigh* where are you my Bella?" Suddenly the ground shook, and a loud noise came from the sky. The ghosts of the goth's graveyard where screaming and their heads where rotating as their arms waved up in the air. "Dad!" screamed Cassandra and Alexander as a large explosion happend, "I'm comming kids! Just stay there!" shouted Mortimer as he ran towards them. A spaceship flew over their heads  and abducted the ghosts then flew off again. "Come on we need to get out of here!" screamed Cassandra as she ran out the door, "We need to warn everyo-" screamed Alexander before he was abducted by the mother ship "you'll do just fine" said The Space Queen holding him by the collar of his shirt "Who needs her now we have him!" she said kicking Bella out of the ship. "Bella!" shouted Mortimer as her ran to catch her "Mortimer!" she screamed as she fell...

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