The Nintendo Game Man and Game Girl are new systems, acting as the third generation in gaming. (DS, Wii, GM and GG) They are based off of the Game Boy, and are portable. The Game Man is big, kind of like the Wii U controller. It comes in Orange, Red, and Black. The Game Girl is more based on the Game Boy and is smaller, but has decorative cases like an iPod. It comes in Pink, Purple, and White. Both of these have Mii Makers and the new Mie Street, and are released shortly after the Nintendo "4DS" and the "Wii Me".

Unreleased Games

Super Duper Mario Bros. or Ultra Super Mario Bros.

Super Donkey Kong

Metroid Smash

New Game & Watch

Pikmin 0'4

Yoshi's Second Story

The Legend of Zelda: Worse Evils

Super Balloon Trip

Animal Crossing: Game Man/Game Girl Edition

F-Zero Supreme

Luigi's Mansion: Missing Again!

Ninja Gaiden 0

Pokemon Gemstone and Colour Versions

Super Smash Bros.: The Great War

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