Unused characters

There's two unused characters in the game, the first one is named naegi.chr, which cannot be used in game, curiously, Naegi is the name of the protagonist of Dangan Ronpa, the creators of the game later revealed that Game Grumps Versus was originally going to be a Dangan Ronpa fightning game, however with the announcment of the movie, they decided to make a game to promote the movie. The second character is named testX.chr, to play as the character, the player have to hack the game and replace the random.chr using the testX.chr, to play as this character, the player have to replace the X with 1-12, which shows a different result, which is an unfinished model of the already existing characters:

  1. Jon.
  2. Arin.
  3. Danny.
  4. Ross.
  5. Barry.
  6. Suzy the Goose.
  7. Brian Wecht.
  8. Grant Kirkhope.
  9. Larry.
  10. Brian-Frank-Steve-Willard-Johnathan-Mike The IV-Mike The III-Michael Jordan-Scott, Bill, Langley and Bigger Bill (the Drakkhen cast, only Brian is playable).
  11. Mr. Wilson
  12. Mike Aruba.

Those seems likely to be test characters to test the characters moveset and etc.

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