Game Dev Sim is a sequel to the game Game Dev Tycoon made by Phoenix Fire. The game is much different from the previous game because this time you actually get to make the game, visually. And you play online this time mostly, though you CAN play offline. For each server there is around 5-8 game companies and 6-7 reviewing companies. You can also just be a player or a 3rd party developer. Some of the crowded servers have several gaming companies and reviewing companies. You can also hire other people, like the last game, but there is more variety this time around. 

Gameplay (offline)

In this game you start off in a very small garage, like the previous game. Then you can slowly progress into a "small" building (10k) which is a small little office that you can design however you want. After that you can  upgrade to a "medium" building (100k) which is a office and a game area. Then you can upgrade to a "large" building (1m) which has all previous features plus wider space and the ability to add new employees. Next you move into the "company" building (3m) which has all of the previous features plus a new floor. Later on you can add new floors and change that building. The consoles come out in a certain order based off of real life events that have occurred in gaming. In the game the most essential thing is research. Research helps you make your games better and whatnot. Within the game you gain research points. Research points help you gain research, and are the general currency in Game Dev Sim. Using money from the game that you earn you can hire people to do stuff for you. Logo makers, character makers, etc. They all are ranked based on what they can do. For example a rank 1 logo maker can make unexciting boring logos with no real effect, compared to a rank 7 logo maker where they make hd logos with effect and decorations related to the game.

Games Released (offline)

These are the games that get released in the game that are based off of real events.

Company Console Games on Console
Ninvento NFS (Ninvento Fun System) Ultra Lario Sisters, Goose Hunt, The Stories of Yelda, Excitingcars!,


Games (Offline)

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