Nintendo wanted to bring experience of The Nes Zapper to Game Boy.So they came up with the Game boy Zapper. It was released along with Duck Hunt GB in Japan In the year 1990.However Duck Hunt GB and Game Boy Zapper were not succesful and Nintendo withdrew its plans to release both of these in America.Two weeks after release Nintendo withdrew the remaining copies of The Game Boy Zapper and Duck Hunt GB from the market. these copies and the copies Nintendo had left in inventory were buried in the Tottori Sand Dunes .The person who came up with the idea to make Duck Hunt GB and The Game Boy Zapper was fired by Nintendo. The failiure of The Game Boy Zapper caused Nintendo's Stocks to fall.                      

Technical Details

the Gameboy Zapper zapper is plugged into the Gameboy Link Cable Slot. It works like a Light pen. 


The Game Boy Zapper Is considered to be the worst accesory for the Gameboy.Critics said "It was very difficult to point the Zapper at the targets on The Game Boy's small screen". Famni Force magazine gave it a very low score of 20/100 & Gamepro magazine gave it a score of 1.2. Gamers disliked the fact that they had to hold the Gameboy Zapper in front of the screen,which could cause fatigue and discomfort in the arm that the player was using.


these are games that were originally planned to be compatible with the Game Boy Zapper

  • Fortified Zone
  • Hogans Alley GB*
  • Faceball 2000
  • Aerostar
  • Mercenary Force
  • Chikyuu Kaihou Gun ZAS
  • Wild Gunman*
  • These games require the zapper


The Gameboy Zapper is only compatible with the Original Game Boy.


as of 2014 The Game Boy Zapper is extremely hard to find and thus are very expensive to buy.There are only five Game Boy Zappers in existence. the rest were thrown away years ago and destroyed at the junk yard. In 2005 Nintendo planned to make a Light Gun accesory for the Nintendo DS, however this plan was cancelled due to how terribly the Gameboy Zapper failed. 


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