Game Boy Remastered
HNI 0097 MPO
A rainbow design of the Game Boy.
Developer(s) FishSayMoo Gaming Company
Console Type Handheld console
Subtype(s) None
Game Boy device, 1080p HD.
Backward Compatibility Game Boy Color, 3DS/2DS, Wii, Wii U, GameCube, DS, DSi
Forward Compatibility None
For the inspiration of the Game Boy, the FishSayMoo Gaming Company presents the Game Boy: Remastered which is able to play not just Game Boy/Game Boy Color games. It releases June 23rd.


  • Rainbow Style
    • $199
  • Cowboy Style
    • $125
    • Cowboy games added
  • Animal Crossing Villager Style
    • $155
    • All Animal Crossing games added
    • Comes in boy & girl villagers
HNI 0003 MPO

A Mario Game Boy Remastered. (Game: Super Mario 3D World)

  • Mario Style
    • $120
    • All Mario games added.
    • A cat mario style is available (JP only).
  • Pokemon Style
    • $120
    • All Pokemon games added
  • Zelda Style
    • $120
    • All Zelda games added
    • Can come in red, green, yellow (with Triforce), purple, and blue.


  • You can play up to 10 games at once.
  • It can play 3DS, Wii, Wii U, GameCube, DS, and DSi games.

Games Only For Game Boy Remastered

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Device Things


  • StreetPass Mii Plaza
  • GBR Camera
  • GBR Sound
  • Activity Log
  • GBR Chat
  • Player 2 Interactive
  • Miiverse (NNID needed)
  • GameMakerR


The GBR has 2 shops.

Nintendo eShop

The Nintendo eShop is back. You need your Nintendo Network ID.


The GameShop is the shop to get GBR games and also sell them.

Selling Games

With the help of GameMakerR, you can sell your created games to everybody.