This article is about the item from Super Mario Maze. For information about the Game System, see Game Boy.
Game Boy (item)
A Game Boy.
Item Type Unlocker
Kind of Item A simple version of a Game Boy
First Appearance Super Mario Maze
Latest Appearance Super Mario Maze
Grants 5000 points; Open secret levels

Game Boys are items in Super Mario Maze, for Game Boy. They can be found under Brick Blocks on every level. Each one grants 5000 points to the player's total score. Besides this, they allow the player to trip to secret levels, after Bowser is defeated.

Their appearance is of a Game Boy, but the words "Nintendo Game Boy" and "Do not matrix with stereo sound" aren't present. Also, in the top of the item, is straight and stead. The Start and Pause buttons are missing, the same thing for the sound phones. The "A" and "B" buttons haven't a description. Also, the edge of the screen is entirely black and rectangular.