Game Battle Royale
Developer(s) NovaPen Productions
Publisher(s) NovaPen Productions
Platform(s) PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U, Pacifico, The V², Nebula
Release Date(s)
TBA 2016
Single player, multiplayer
Genre(s) Fighting, action

Game Battle Royale is a crossover fighting game released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U, Pacifico, and the Nebula.


Starter Fighters

FighterInformation UltraFinisher FighterSpecialMoves
250px-Mario SSB4
Mario, the most famous face in gaming, and mascot of Nintendo. He has saved Princess Peach and defeated Bowser many times, and uses his abilities from those adventures in the fight. Zee Egg 

Neutral - Fireball

Side - Cape

Up - Super Jump Punch

Down - Star Spin

Luigi is Mario's brother. Luigi was always left as Mario's shadow, but has saved him a few times in his own games. He uses attacks from the Mario and Luigi's Mansion games. Luiginary Attack

Neutral - Electric

Side - Green Missle

Up - Luiginary Stack

Down - Luigi Cyclone

Sonic SSB4
You're too slow! Sonic is known to be the fastest thing alive. And he is. He is the mascot of Sega, and a long time rival of Mario. He attacks with moves from his games. Super Sonic

Neutral - Homing Attack

Side - Spin Dash

Up - Spring Jump

Down - Spin Charge

The rival and doppleganger of Sonic. He does have a moveset that does not copy Sonic's..Mostly atleast. He has some of the same attacks, but has the Chaos Powers also. Chaos Control

Neutral - Homing Attack

Side - Chaos Spear

Up - Teleport

Down - Chaos Blast

Kirby is the hero of Dreamland. He's protected it from King Dedede, Dark Matter, Nightmare, and more. Kirby can copy the moves of players also. Ultra Sword

Neutral - Inhale

Side - Hammer

Up - Final Cutter

Down - Stone

KRtDL Waddle Dee-1-
Bandana Dee is the strongest of the Waddle Dees. He adventured with Kirby, King Dedede, and Meta Knight once.  Waddle Dee Tank

Netural - Spear Throw

Side - Parasol Spin

Down - Waddle Bounce

Up - Spearcopter

250px-Mega Man SSB4
Megaman is the mascot of Capcom, and has some other series with new versions of him, which appear in another attack. He uses attacks from Megaman 1-10. Mega Man Legends

Neutral - Metal Blade

Side - Crash Bomber

Down - Leaf Shield

Up - Rush Coil

Pac-Man is Namco's mascot. He attacks with moves from Pac-Man games, while also other Namco Games. Classic Pac-Man

Neutral - Bonus Fruit

Side - Arcade Pac-Man

Down - Fire Hydrant

Up - Trampoline

The Villager from Animal Crossing. He uses attacks with items and resources from the villages in Animal Crossing. Dream House

Neutral - Pocket

Side - Lloid Rocket

Down - Timber

Up - Balloon Trip

The Wii Fit Trainer from Wii Fit. You can choose to play as the Male or Female. Wii Fit

Neutral - Sun Salutation

Side - Soccer Ball

Down - Deep Breathing

Up - Hula-Hoop

250px-Link SSB4
Link is the hero of Hyrule, Time, Wind, and more. He wields the Master Sword, and the Triforce of Courage. Giga Sword Spin

Neutral - Hero's Bow

Side - Gale Boomerang

Down - Bomb

Up - Spin Attack

Samus is a Metroid Hunter. She was sent to Planet Zeebes, and is the enemy of Ridley, Kraid, Mother Brain, and more. Zero Laser

Neutral - Charge Shot

Side - Missile

Down - Bomb

Up - ScrewAttack

Zero Suit Samus is playable when Samus uses the Zero Laser. She can change back with the Power Suit Ultra Finisher. Power Suit

Neutral - Paralyzer

Side - Plasma Whip

Down - Flip Jump

Up - Skyward Spin Kick

Pit, the main hero of Kid Icarus. He uses items from Kid Icarus Uprising. Three Sacred Treasures

Neutral - Paulutena's Arrow

Side - Upperdash Arm

Down - Guardian Orbitars

Up - Power of Flight

Yoshi, Mario's sidekick in some adventures. He uses attacks from his own adventures, mostly involving eggs. Mega Egg Dozer

Neutral - Egg Lay

Side - Egg Roll

Down - Yoshi Bomb

Up - Egg Throw

Marth, one of the most famous Fire Emblem characters. He uses his attacks learned from the Fire Emblem Games. Crictal Hit

Neutral - Shield Breaker

Side - Dancing Blade

Down - Counter

Up - Dolphin Slash

Unlockable Fighters

All characters are unlocked by randomly playing, or meeting in Story Mode.

FighterInformation UltraFinisher FighterMoveset
250px-Bowser SSB4
Bowser is the enemy of Mario and Peach's kidnapper. He uses attacks from his newer and older apperances. Giga Bowser

Neutral - Fire Breath

Side - 8 Bit Hammer

Down - Bowser Bomb

Up - Whirling Fortress

Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She is mostly just kidnapped by Bowser, but has made some playable apperances and was once the main villain. Shadow Queen

Neutral - Rage Vibe

Side - Gloom Vibe

Down - Calm Vibe

Up - Joy Vibe

Captain Toad. He made his debut has a NPC in Super Mario Galaxy. He got to be a playable in a minigame on Super Mario 3D World later, and that minigame became it's own game which is the creation of all his attacks. Dragon

Neutral - Pikaxe

Side - Minecart

Down - Vegetable

Up - Clear Pipe

250px-Rosalina SSB4

Rosalina and Luma from Comet Observetory. Or space.

Power Star

Neutral - Luma Shot

Side - Star Bits

Down - Gravitational Pull

Up - Launch Star

Geno Brawl
Geno is the famous Star Spirit who made very few apperances, and helped Mario on his adventure once.  Geno Flash

Neutral - Geno Beam

Side - Geno Blast

Down - Geno Boost

Up - Geno Whirl

King Dedede is a friend and foe of Kirby. King Dedede uses his hammer and other attacks. Masked Dedede

Neutral - Inhale

Side - Gordo Throw

Down - Jet Hammer

Up - Super Dedede Jump


Meta Knight. He wields the Galaxia and can fly. He uses abilities from Super Smash Bros, and more.

Sword Sprout

Neutral - Mach Tornado

Side - Drill Rush

Down - Dimensional Cape

Up - Shuttle Loop

Monita uses attacks based off the Nintendo Land stage. That stage being added was the insparation  Nintendo Land Ambush

Neutral - Small Blue Falcon

Side - Ninja Star

Down - Mario Tag Mud Slide

Up - Metroid Gunship

Palutena, the godess, and mentor of Pit. Along with a somewhat OP moveset. Black Hole and Mega Laser

Neutral - Explosive Flame

Side - Light Weight

Down - Heavenly Light

Up - Rocket Jump

Zelda, princess of Hyrule, and wielder of Triforce of Wisdom. Light Arrow

Neutral - Nayru's Love

Side - Din's Fire

Down - Phantom Slash

Up - Farore's Wind

Hyrule Warriors Impa Artwork
Impa. In this game, Shiek is just replaced. Or to be exact, Shiek isn't in the game at all. But it could be said Impa replaced him. Magical Needle

Neutral - Needle Storm

Side - Magical Defense

Down - Magical Explosion

Up - Vanish

Ike, another one of Fire Emblem's most famous characters. He also uses his skills from his own games. He is rather similar to Marth, as they share the same UltraFinisher and some attacks. Critical Hit

Neutral - Eruption

Side - Sword Slash

Down - Counter

Up - Aether

Story Mode


The Story Mode takes place in a area that is likely the World of Trophies, as it is a sequel to Subspace. More of this info is in Trivia.

The story starts out in a tournament, with Mario, Sonic, Megaman, and Pac-Man battling. Sonic quickly jumps over a Metal Blade nearly dodging it, landing infront of Mario. Megaman, and Pac-Man jump infront of them, and an in-game battle letting the player choose to be one of the 4 starts.

The battle ends with the 3 KOed CPUs as trophies, as the winning player then frees the 3 foes.

Elsewhere, a old and almost broken Subspace Bomb was in a mountain area..A rock falls off the mountain bumping the bomb, as the 2 KOed R.O.Bs wake up and set the bomb.

The Subspace Bomb explodes, releasing the foes from Subspace...And a new foe stronger then ones they've battled in the past awaits at Subspace.. With everyone at panic, an army of Subspace's minions attack the tournament. Mario, Sonic, Megaman, and Pac-Man prepare for battle.

Once you defeat the wave of enemies, Bowser's Airship flies releasing more, but the claw comes out and grabs Princess Peach who was at the tournament watching the heroes battle. Mario jumps up and grabs onto the claw, but the claw shakes knocking him off. Megaman throws a Metal Blade, but it has no effect. The claw then returns to the Airship as many bullet bills fly out hitting the heroes.

The ground begins to shake, as Hisstocrat smashes through. The first boss fight.

After Hisstocrats defeat, the heroes head off to chase Bowser's Airship.

Elsewhere, Kirby is riding his Warpstar through a mountain area, as Pit flies by him. The duo fly towards a cloud of Subspace Energy dropping it over the islands.

Chapter 2


Story Mode Bosses

Hisstocrat fights like he does in Super Mario 3D World. He spawns his minions, but this time once you are on them he tries headbutting and biting you leaving you to jump on him. Once he is jumped on, he falls down and you have the chance to attack him.


InformationHazardsBosses Size
Final Destination, is pretty much a basic stage for an intense duel. No hazards, an epic background, and it's completely flat and a normal size. Small
3DS Battlefield
Battlefield. It's similar to Final Destination stage platform wise. It has 3 platforms, and a ground around the size of Final Destination. Small
SSB4 Boxing Ring Stage
The Battle Ring. In this stage, you can also play a World Championship Punch Out version. The hazards are the ropes, and you can smash the lights and drop them on your foes. Medium

In Mushroom Kingdom U, Kamek flies around and changes the stage from time to time.

The possible changes are Acorn Plains, Sparkling Waters, or a castle.

SSB5 Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy Stage is a large stage. You play on a world spining around, with a house, trees, platforms, and foes from Super Mario Galaxy running around. Airships and Starship Mario are in the background also.

Pewee Piranha is the Stage Boss.

The Great Tower of Bowser Land
The Great Tower of Bowser Land. It's the final level of Super Mario 3D World, and a stage with lots of hazards. It zooms up as you leap across platforms and riding clear platforms. The main hazard/Stage Boss is Double Cherry Meowser. They are easy to defeat, but there's a lot of them. Very Large
Art nintendoland screeen-640x360
Nintendo Land is a stage that spins around, with the background changing from day to night. As the stage spins, it stops every little bit infront of an attraction. The logo of the game then glows, as a stage hazard based off that game comes. Large
Castillo del Dr. Wily SSB4 (Wii U)
Wily Castle. Like in the game Super Smash Bros for Wii U, this copies Megaman 1 with the Yellow Devil boss fight and 2 with the platforms like from one of the stages. Small
Palutena's Temple. It's a very large stage, being in the very large stage category. It has raising platforms, caves, floating platforms, and more. Very Large


Assist Information
The Koopalings come in a Clown Car. One of the Koopalings jumps out, and fights like they would in New Super Mario Bros U, including the boss hazards.
Ashley SSB4
Ashley uses her magic to mess up the attacks of the other players. Like most other assist, the magic does not harm the summoner.
The Goron rolls around the stage harming foes, along with using rocks for other attacks.
Skull Kid SSB4
Skull Kid flips the screen. This can mess up all players unlike most assist.
Tempo runs around the stage hitting your foes with a rhythem pattern.


  • Thanks to MRNG or as many of you know him, TNG, for creating this game and offering it to me a year ago.
  • Thanks to Lumogo for creating the logo!

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