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Game & Watch Returns! is a new game in the Game & Watch series. It adds new features to the series.

Game Modes

Free Play-Play any game that has been unlocked.

Story-A new adventure starring Mr. Game & Watch. The player can unlock more games to play in Free Play and unlock medals by progressing through Story Mode.

Online Play-Play games online.


Language-Change the game's language.

Change Name-Change the player's name.

Change Medal-Change the player's medal.

Erase Data-Erase the player's data.

Playable Characters

Mr. Game & Watch


Mickey Mouse



Donkey Kong Jr.

Stanley the Bugman

Donkey Kong


Balloon Fighter

Non-Playable Characters




Charlie Brown


Donald Duck



Story Complete-Complete Story Mode.

Complete Gamer-Unlock all games.

100 Point Breaker-Get 100 points in a game.

100 Points all round-Get 100 points in all games.

500 Point Breaker-Get 500 points in a game.

500 Points all round-Get 500 points in all games.

Survivor-Get 100 points in a game without losing a life.

Supreme Survivor-Get 500 points in a game without losing a life.

Free Time-Play 50 games in Free Play.

Online Addiction-Play 50 games in Online Play.

Thanks for Playing!-Start the game 100 times.

100%-Get all medals except this one.

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