Gam is an atmospheric puzzle platformer created by JesseRoo.


Char is an unknown being that lives in The Wasteland; his species have the ability to see into other planes of existence, and using this ability he sees planet Earth; seeing the beauty of that planet, he decides to try and make the Wasteland as beautiful. He decides to begin by petitioning the help of a wandering tribe that lives in some nearby plains. Between him and the tribe, however lies a large number of dangers.


The game is a platformer, but the platforming aspect is not too prominent; Char can only jump the height of one block. However, the main gameplay involves Char's unique abilities: he can manipulate elements. There are three elements that Char can manipulate: fire, ice/water and lightning/wind. Each element gives Char a number of different abilities (primarily the ability to shoot a projectile of and invulnerability to that element).

Graphic Sets

The game will include the optional feature of creating "graphic sets" to use in the game: graphic sets are placed in a folder in the same directory as the game, and can be loaded into the game to change some or all of the sprites in-game.



Coming soon



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