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Galleom X-2 SSBFOW-Unknown
SSBFOW-GalleomX2 SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Galleom X-2's appearance in FoW.
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Smash Status Newcomer
Availability Hidden
Weight Class Heavy
Size Big
Difficulty  ???
Tier Unknown
Final Smash Dimension-Tearing Bomb

Galleom X-2 is a newcomer playable fighter in Fate of the World. It is a giant robot designed after the Super Smash Bros. Brawl boss known as Galleom, however though X-2 fights alongside the heroes and has had his Subspace logo removed. X-2 also has the same capabilities as Galleom, such as the ability to do mighty punches, fire rockets, or take on a tank form. X-2 is also slightly smaller.




Down Aerial - Stomp. Fall down with force, stomping the ground and causing a slight rumble. There is also a visual crack on the floor afterwards. Pressing A again after the first stomp allows you to follow up with 2 more, moving sideways.
Foward Smash - Jet-Punch. Wind-up a jet-powered punch and unleash it. A extremely powerful attack.
Up Smash - Upper Jet-Punch. Similar to Forward Smash, but sent upwards.
Down Smash - Crush. Charges up a heavy ground slam with two hands for each side. This will cause heavy shockwaves and quite the knockback. Similar to DK's attack.
Neutral B - Missile Fire. X-2 fires rockets from the launchers on its back. Pressing B will fire 1, but tapping it again can allow for 4 more. They will attempt to home in on foes, but are slow and deal less damage the farther they go. They will also deactivate after a long time like Snake's NIKITA rockets.
Side B - Tank Form. X-2 quickly shifts into Tank form and jets forward. Due to how this form works, it cannot turn or deal much damage. Missile Fire can be used during this however, and it is a excellent recovery move.
Up B - Rocket Leap. X-2 activates his jetpack ( Similar to what it used to escape the Ruins and rocket upwards ) and then deactivates it, falling down. Similar to Dedede's up special.
Final Smash - Dimension-Tearing Bomb. X-2 activates the Dimension Tearing Bomb in his head. It takes 15 seconds before activating and turning the whole stage into darkness that resembles Subspace. All foes take extra damage and knockback by X-2 for the duration of this Final Smash. X-2 also doesn't get any starting or endlag on his attacks, making this devastating.



  • Falls down to the battlefield, a puff of dust rises and X-2's eyes flash for a couple of seconds. The dust fades away and X-2 roars as he prepares to fight.