Galexial Gaming
The Logo, created by Fenn
Type of Company Gaming/Console
Owner(s) Fenn
Predecessor Yolo Games
Subsidiaries Joking Around

Galexial Gaming is a Gaming company and the 4th created by Fenn.

Games by Galexial Gaming


Kittypocalpse series

Kittypocalpse-The first game in the Kittypocalpse series. This game has 15 diffrent scenarios to put you in, and you must save the world from the evil zombie kitty virus.

Mainstream/The Galexial Gaming Game Series

Rise of the Forgotten (Episode 1)-The ancient evil of Anova have awoken and are causing terror to the normally peaceful planet and you must stop them...

The Adventures of Super Moo Cow and Spytato!(And Friends)

The Adventures of Super Moo Cow and Spytato (And Friends) Part 1-This game is not as stupid as you think!(Its WORSE!!)-A game programed by the Joking Around part of the company, this weird game is a RPG style platformer in which you travel around Super Farm Galaxy fight off evil Cows,Pigs,and Pies to stop Extremely Terible Pie and Evil Moo Cow, along with The Evil-ish Pig from torturing Other farm animals FOREVER

The Adventures of Super Moo Cow and Spytato (And Friends) Part 2-This game is not as Bad as the last one (Its DERPIER)- The 3 bad guys are doing bad doing again, and you must stop them again...kinda boring, right? NO! with new levels, new enemys, and a NEW PLAYABLE CHARACTER to join the team, Super Derp Squid, a new adventure that will keep you entertained for, like 20 minutes is born.

Originaly Yolo Games or Scrapple Games

Fantendo Smash Bros Xtreme

TV and Movies

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Explorers of Sky-Follow the adventures of Turtwig and Pipulp exploring the vast pokemon world, discovering Mystery Dungeons along the way

Consoles by the Team




Galaxy Cube-the worlds first Hybrid console, the Galaxy cube is a Home/Portable console featuring a pad-like controller allowing download of over 50% of its games for on the go play

Galaxy Cube 2.0-A new Galaxy cube planned for Release April 2015, this console is the size of you hand, literaly! this ultra portable console lets you play loads of games anywhere with a screen! the 3 part console allows Controller only, Console and Controller, and even Virtual Reality Gameplay!

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