In this form. you have extreme powers, Master Mario!
Toadsworth, Mario & Luigi: Powered-Up

Galaxy Mario (and Galaxy Luigi) is a one of the few forms that Mario could obtain without eating an Mushroom or Flower. Galaxy Mario was the form Mario used to recreate the Mushroom Kingdom in Mario & Luigi: Powered-Up.  In order to transform, Mario must find the Galaxy Stone in Ancient Ruins. The form is accessed when Mario's Galaxy Meter in M&L:PU gets full. The meter gets filled by collecting coins and defeating enemies. It then turns Mario into his Galaxy Form.

In this form, he gains a new "Beam Attack", which has the ability to instant KO weak enemies with good timing. Galaxy Mario can also run faster in the overworld. Along with these powers, Mario is able to float temporarily and punch through strong blocks. All of his attacks in battle do more damage then normal as well. Sadly, Galaxy Mario runs out after 10 turns in battle, or after switching the area in the overworld 8 times. After Mario finds the Universe Stone, however, Galaxy Mario lasts for 5 more turns and 7 more areas.


Here are a number of feats Galaxy Mario had done in the cutscenes of the game Mario & Luigi: Powered-Up; all of the following feats happened in cutscenes in the real game.

  • Mario created a shielf to save Toad Kids from falling rocks.
  • Mario drained a lake so he could enter Toad Town Sewers.
  • Mario flew to the Koopa Carrier to battle Bowser.
  • Mario dug to the center of the Earth for natural gas.

Abilities in Gameplay

  • Ability to smash through previously indestructible obstacles.
  • Ability to reflect certain electrical type attacks.
  • Ability to walk through any kind of force field or elemental shield.
  • Ability to shoot beams that, if correctly timed, can instant KO weak enemies.
  • Ability to fly at a quick pace.
  • Ability to unearth buried objects.


Mario's Galaxy form gives him white overalls, a golden shirt underneath, a golden hat and a golden cape similar to Cape Mario. Golden sparks and an aura represents that of Mario having more power than he could contain. Sometimes, when he walks, sparks jump out of the ground.


  • In this form. you have extreme powers, Master Mario!
  • Charge up the Galaxy Meter to unlock.
  • Fly ovah dere and save da kiddys!

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