Full Name 9009
Current Age 12
Date of Birth 04/30/1998
Gender Male
Location MUsh
Current Status ok
Class Hero
9009 Entertainment
Main Weapon(s) 09 the Buzzy
Ability/ies Flight and throw buzzys
Vulnerable To Gound Pound
First Appearance 9009 Alkham

9009 is the main character of the Throw Series and the mascot of 9009 Entertainment. He throws Buzzy Beetles for weapons. He is in T.D.B( The Descruction Bringers).


In a forest, A woman runs for he life. A stranger is chasing her. The woman runs with a baby. The woman runs to a city and hides. She then looks for people and sees Hizrik. The woman gives the baby to Hizrik. The woman comes out and sees the stranger. He calls himself Kreepo and stabs her. Killing he. Keepo looks for the baby but couldn't see him. Kreepo left. 1999, The baby, now presumingly called 9009 is playing with 90,his weapon. 9009 while plaing gets hit by a vision, He sees a blurry figure and hears a woman screaming. 9009 tells Hizrik about it, Hizrik doesn't answer. A few days later, Hizrik tells him the truth. 9009 was shocked. He tried to keep composure. In 2005, He joined the T.B.D. He was excellent at it. He then sees people getting killed by Kreepo. 9009 knew that it was time for payback. He went to face off Kreepo. He later defeats His Army, Kreepo begs for mercy. 9009 foolishy lets him go and Kreepo escapes. He then goes to a cemetery in which he sees his mother's grave. He lays down flowers for her.


In 9009 Alkham, He was stubborn an had an impression for revenge. In his happy nature, he is nice and composed. He also seems curious. He loves Items.


He has the ability to throw Buzzy Beetles. He has man different ways on using them.



  • He seems to know Koopa's way better than any Koopa Lover
  • Though a supposed mascot, 9009 is put in the BETA scraps due to its " uncreativity"