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Galahad Sentinel
Galahad, one of the many of students in Boltzmann University.
Full Name Galahad Sentinel
Current Age 19
Gender Male
Location Boltzmann University
Current Status Alive
Class Boltzmann Student
Family and Relations
Avalos (boyfriend)
Main Weapon(s) Wind Discus
Galahad Sentinel is one of first Boltzmann students and was involved in the battle that caused The Threat to attack Earth. He comes from Huxxabu and is trained in the art of the Wind Discus. He is in a relationship with Avalos, and probably has one of the more "healthier" relationships in the Fantendoverse.


Galahad is a dark skinned human boy that has black hair with red streaks. He wears a black, red, and blue jacket with the Boltzmann symbol embroidered onto the right arm of the jacket. He wears a thunderbolt shirt under the jacket and wears a pair of black jeans. His eyes are red in color.


Galahad is a calm and relaxed young man that wants to stop The Threat but also knows when to stay back as well. He and Avalos are more mature than their other peers but it also doesn't stop them from having dumb fun. Although he is occasionally discriminated against for his relationship with Avalos, he never lets it get to him.


Boltzmann: Year One





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