Galactic Goomba II: Legacy of the Stars
Developer(s) Fantendo
Publisher(s) GalaxySoft Inc.
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo 3DS

PC (retail or via Steam)

Release Date(s)
May 29th,2014 (US)

March 7th, 2014 (JAP)

August 1st, 2014 (EU)

Single Player


Online Co-op

Age Rating(s)
Rating Pending (ESRB)
Genre(s) Action-adventure
Series Galactic Goomba
Predecessor Galactic Goomba
Successor Untitled third Galactic Goomba game
Media Included Wii U;

Optical Disc

Digital Download

Nintendo 3DS;


Digital Download



Digital Download

Galactic Goomba II: Legacy of the Stars is the sequel to the 2013 game Galactic Goomba. It will be developed by Fantendo  and published by GalaxySoft Inc, and will be released on Nintendo Wii U, 3DS, and Steam on May 29, 2014 in the US.


Nintendo eShop description

Galactic Goomba is back! When a new evil threatens to destroy his legacy, can he and his friends destroy it? Adventure through 8 new worlds in search of the mysterious Nykel Boom. The sequel to the 2013 hit is here, and is rated 9.5 out of 10 by IGN.
Nintendo eShop description

Steam description

The GalaxySoft hero makes his debut on the PC with Galactic Goomba II! Nykel Boom, a new villain, threatens to destroy the Galaxy Goomba legacy, and it's up to Galactic and his friends to stop him. 'Galactic Goomba's comeback is astounding.' -IGN
Steam description



Galactic Goomba's world is shaken when his ancestor's ghost-Quasar Goomba-tells him that something or someone is destroying the legendary Galaxy Shrine. With his friends in tow, and a mysterious new nemesis on the rise, this may be one of Galactic's most out of this world adventures ever!

Story Mode

Prologue: "Explosive Properties"

Galactic Goomba saved Blastania from being fused together by Prof. Fusion and his accomplice Dr. Combiner, but the true threat was yet to come. Whilst the celebrations were going on, a human named Nick Barrs was working on a new version of a Bob-Omb- called the Planet-Omb V1- when a Bob-Omb accidentally explodes on him. This was a Lose-Fuse Bomb, and it fused with Nick, turning him into Nykel Boom. His first plan is to blow up Blastania, but he remembers that lousy Galaxy Shrine he visited years ago with his mom to celebrate the birth of Galactic. He heads there and gets rid of the Galaxy Goombas, thus claiming it as his own. 




Image Name Description Galaxy Power/Hero Form
Galactic Goomba Galactic is back! He's ready to save his legacy and he's doing it with a new form.

Star Storm- Causes stars and comets to rain down and kill all enemies on-screen/Galaxy-Bender Galactic- Galactic gains the ability to call in any object from the galaxy he wants to get rid of enemies. 

Percy Piranha Percy, the friend of Galactic, returns for a second round. His leaf arms are now fists of fury. Neptune Slam- Percy leaps into the air and slams down onto the stage, creating a shockwave that will not only defeat enemies, but also makes him dizzy for 2 minutes/Knockout Percy- Percy gains the ability to punch enemies multiple times, and he can also do an upgraded version of the Neptune Slam called the Piranha Pound. 


Image Name Description Galaxy Power/Hero Form
Boolance The team's newest member has arrived to join the war! Boolance has a sword to slice through enemies and to dominate evil. Chivalry Blade- Boolance uses his sword to slice through anything on-screen, but it causes him to lose health until 1 minute is up/Lord Boolance- Boolance gains armor that makes him invincible. He can also use Fief Slash, a more powerful version of Chivalry Blade.
Quasar Goomba He may have passed on, but his spirit still fights for him. Flame Stars- Quasar fires star-shaped fireballs at enemies, and this powerful move does make up for the fact that he has no Hero Form. 
Katie Koopa Galactic's girlfriend, and a strong Koopa. She betrayed Bowser in order to join the team again. Shell Toss- Katie hides in her shell and sends herself out at enemies/Angel Katie- Katie becomes a Paratroopa with golden wings. She is able to fire red and green arrows at enemies in this form.
Barney Bullet An old friend of Galactic is ready to fight. He's learned a few tricks from his teammates, and has a Banzai form.

Bullet Bill Invasion- 3 Bill Blasters come on-screen and fire Bullet Bills at enemies, and the grand finale is a huge Banzai Bill that destroys everything in it's path/Banzai Barney- Barney becomes an unstoppable Banzai Bill, but it only lasts due to the amount of coins you have.

Unlock Criteria
Image Name Criteria
Boolance Defeat Nykel Boom in World 2 "Sector Venus"
Quasar Goomba Defeat the hidden boss in World S "Galaxy Shrine"
Katie Koopa Defeat President Mesta in World 4 "Volcanic Planet"
Barney Bullet Defeat Raging Stor in World 6 "Jupiter Hijinx"


There are a total of 10 worlds, two of which are secret worlds. Within each world, there are 8 levels.

World 1: Geyser Bash

This is the first world of the game, and it takes place on a futuristic Mercury. The mid-boss is Lans, a rogue cyborg, and the boss of the world is Nuclezilla, the evil tyrant who rules over the planet. 

Stage Name Enemies Objective
Wet Beginnings Fusion-Bots, Combo-Fighters, Rockies, and Guymurs. Get to the end of the level.
Barrier Break Dunes Fusion-Bots, Guymurs, Bouldies, and Combo-Fighters. Fight your way through 6 waves of enemies.
Explosive Shoals Avaluchas, Fusion-Bots, Boomies, Bouldies, and Guymurs. Avoid all the explosions!
Carousel Showdown Lans (mid-boss), Avaluchas, Combo-Fighters, Bouldies, and Boomies. Defeat Lans to progress!
Bouldy Cliffside Avaluchas, Guymurs, Fusion-Bots, Rockies, Bouldies, and Boomies. Scale the cliffside while avoiding enemies.
Mt. Doom Get to the end of the level.
Avalanche Escapades Rockies, Bouldies, Fusion-Bots, Combo-Fighters, and Avaluchas. Escape the avalanche!
Rock-Solid Rumble Nuclezilla (boss), Bouldies, Avaluchas, and Guymurs. Defeat Nuclezilla and his minions!

World 2: Sector Venus

The second world of the game is based on the planet Venus. Here, the player fights the mid-boss ELECTR (Evil Lackey Engineered Cybernetic Tyranny Rockstar), a robot that knows how to destroy Goombas easily, and has the first fight with Nykel Boom.

Stage Name Enemies Objective
Plant Life Strife Guymurs, Bouldies, Plastners, See'ds, and Avaluchas
Gravitational Base ELECTR (mid-boss) Defeat ELECTR and his many minions.


  • There are multiple video game and cartoon references throughout the game.
    • Angel Katie is a reference to Pit from Kid Icarus.
      • Her green and red arrows could be referencing Mario and Luigi's color schemes.
      • The fact that she has golden wings could also mean she's based on a Gold Paratroopa from New Super Mario Bros. 2.
    • Knockout Percy's design looks similar to Giga Mac from Punch-Out! (Wii).
    • Originally, World 2 was called "Sector V", a nod to the show Codename: Kids Next Door.
      • This is confirmed by a piece of concept art in the level "Gravitational Base" (seen in previews for the upcoming book GalaxySoft Inc. Memoirs) that shows a KND Moonbase based level. 
    • Barney's Banzai Form uses coins to cause a transformation, similar to Super Sonic's transformation from the Sonic the Hedgehog games.
      • However, Barney only needs 30 coins to turn into Banzai Barney, 20 less than Sonic's required 50 rings.
  • Galactic Goomba II ideas were created around the time the original game was nearly completed, and it was going to introduce a new female counterpart for Barney, named Betty Bob-Omb. 
  • This game was released before the first Galactic Goomba game was ported to Steam. 
  • The stage "Carousel Showdown", where the player fights Lans, is based on real-world boardwalks.