Galactic Goomba  is the first game in the Galactic Goomba series developed by both Fantendo and GalaxySoft Inc.. The game is a platformer and will be published by GalaxySoft on July 2nd, 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS. 



Name Ability Unlocked by...
Galactic Goomba Star Storm Default
Percy Piranha  Flight Default
Katie Koopa Shell Toss Save her from Proffessor Fusion
Barney Bullet Bullet Bill Swarm Save him from Dr. Combiner



  • Toads
  • Petey Piranha
  • Nokis
  • Piantas
  • Bowser Jr.



  1. FusoMobile with Dual Fireball Cannons
  2. King Bob-omb
  3. Bowser
  4. ComboCar with Bullet Bill Cannons
  5. FusoMecha


Chapter 1: "Fusion and Combine"

It was a normal day on the planet of Blasania, the home planet to Galactic Goomba and his friends. Katie Koopa was strolling along Sunny Surf Beach, where someone was watching her. As she picked up a seashell, a man with a scarred face snatched her up. This was Professor Ivan "Gordan" Fusion, an evil scientist with a illusion to fuse all of Blasania into his minions. Galactic Goomba, one of Katie's friends, saw his friend being snatched from the beach. He rushed after the professor. 

Stage Name Character(s) Enemies Objective
Sunny Serenade Galactic Goomba Goombos, Fusion-Bots, and Scuttlebugs Chase Professor Fusion!

After chasing down the professor, Galactic Goomba encounters another villain, Dr. Combiner, Professor Fusion's colleague. Katie Koopa is taken to Professor Fusion's labratory while Dr. Combiner gives Professor Fusion some information on their "master plan" before flying off. Galactic Goomba is left with Professor Fusion in his FusoMobile. Suddenly, two cannons with fireballs firing out of them sprout from the machine. The hero is in for another surprise when Percy Piranha lands on the ground to help fight the evil professor.

Stage Name Character(s) Enemies Objective
Attack of the FusoMobile Galactic Goomba & Percy Piranha Fusion-Bots, Bullet Bills, and Professor Fusion Defeat the FusoMobile!

The FusoMobile, beaten up with Professor Fusion inside of it, crashed to the ground. Galactic Goomba finds out that Professor Fusion had kidnapped Katie Koopa for a reason; to make her into the first ever Koopa Robot! Percy charges at the mobile, only to be deflected off by a forcefield. The duo then head towards the town of Cannolas to find the mad scientists.

Stage Name Characters Enemies Objective
Cannon Way Galactic Goomba/Percy Piranha Fusion-Bots, Combo Fighters, and Bullet Bills Get to Cannolas!

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