Galactic Anarchy is an upcoming fanfic in The Legacy of Mario series by Darklight Studios, inc, written by Serras-Kai. Very little is known about it so far, as it is the last in the series when the first has yet to be released.

Known things so far

  • It will take place in the Dark world, not in a 'true' galaxy.
  • While just about every surviving character from previous stories will make an appearance, it is doubtful they will make any real impact on the story.
  • Rosalina will not only be involved in the plot, she will actually fight, but whether it is along side or against the Mario Bros. is yet to be determined.
  • The story will end tragically.
  • Something will occur before this point that will A) Drive Luigi insane B) Turn Mario into an obsessive and possibly grief-stricken shell of a man and C) Something terrible has happened to the kingdom itself.
  • In the preview for the story, just about no characters other that the brothers themselves are mentioned, suggesting the main cast of characters may consist completely of newcomers.

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