Galacta Knight is a newcomer fighter in Project L, representing the Kirby franchise. Galacta Knight debuted in 2008 with the DS remake of the Kirby Super Star, Kirby Super Star Ultra and later reappearing in the 2011 installment of the franchise, Kirby's Return to Dreamland.

In Project L, Galacta Knight is a semi-clone of Meta Knight, similar to how Luigi is a semi-clone of Mario in the newer installments.

Character description

First off, Galacta Knight and Meta Knight doesn't shares much similaries as clones do, Galacta Knight is taller than Meta Knight and he has a lance instead of a sword, his wings are smaller, meaning that he can fly higher but he won't be able to fly as long as Meta Knight can. Where Meta Knight had speed over power as his main characteristic, Galacta Knight is an overall stronger and slower fighter than Meta Knight.

Galacta Knight is a middleweight fighter, unlike Meta Knight who was lightweight. Galacta Knight can also take more damage than most fighters can, due his shield. If he is hit from the front, he will recieve half of the damage but if he is hit from behind then he will recieve twice the damage.

Special Moves

Galacta Knight's Special Moves
Standard Special Shooting Star *
Side Special Lance Whip *
Up Special Spin Slash *
Down Special Flame Floor *
Final Smash Black Hole *

Home Stage

Galacta Knight's Home Stage is ???.



  • Victory: Makes a safe landing on the ground and points his lance at the camera.
  • Defeat: Puts his lance and his shield on the ground and looks the other way.

Victory Theme

Palette Swaps



  • Neutral - Galacta Knight disappears and then reappears.
  • Down - Galacta Knight puts his lance and swords down.
  • Side - Galacta Knight appears to be shooting his lance, but at the end, he doesn't.


  • Galacta Knight was originally planned to be an alternate skin but after problems when modeling his lance to fit Meta Knight's sword hitbox, he became his own character.
    • Another problem was that Galacta Knight's model didn't had a cape, so when using Meta Knight's Final Smash with the Galacta Knight skin caused the game to crash as the game wouldn't have a cape model to load.