Gala Pokémon are special types of Pokémon that are found only in the Legend's Wake games. These Pokémon (usually) have a different color palette than the others of their species.

Gala Pokémon have lived in Pokéworld since the beginnings of time. They were created by the One when he formed the universe and Pokéworld. These special Pokémon are stronger than normal Pokémon and have powers unique to them. Gala Pokémon cannot have offspring with normal Pokémon, so they have become fairly uncommon. The One himself is a Gala Pokémon, as well as some other Legendary Pokémon. Non-Legendary Pokémon can be Gala Pokémon, too. The Guardians are made up solely of Gala Pokémon.

Gala Pokémon are stronger than Legendary Pokémon. They hold a special role in the history of Pokéworld and have been around for as long as the world itself. The One was at first worried when he gave the Gala power to regular species of Pokémon. He had the non-Gala Legendary Pokémon watch over these young, confused creatures. These kinds of Gala Pokémon were often isolated by their real homes and had to band together.

Some Pokémon quickly grew used to their power and used it for eveil, most notably Sheeva the Zoroark, a one-time sorceress for King Entei. She betrayed him and tried taking over all of Pokéworld. However, King Entei and a group of Gaia Pokémon were able to defeat Sheeva and stop her evil plans. This is how King Entei came up with the idea for the Guardians. He started a program that housed and trained Gala Pokémon to become master soldiers for battle. KIng Entei's first student was a Gallade named Draven. King Entei soon received more and more students through his program. He trained them all with dignity and respect.

Gala Pokémon with Alternate Colorations

Gala Pokémon Without Alternate Colorations

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