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The Imperfect is Episode 1 Season 1 of G R I F F.


Shows Griff as a teen infront of a computer with the screen showing "Top 10 Future Technologies that will Change our Future!"

Griff Narrating: It all started when I was 13 when I came to realisations. Realisations of the world. When I knew I needed to seperate myself from the world.

Video: Number 6, Mind Control. This is a technology that is in our near future, scientists hope to have this project done by 2090 which isn't therribly far away...

Griff Narrating: And then it just kept on evolving. Technology turned more advanced, more updates on this mind control thing. These things scared me, but of course everyone was excited... minus the elders...

Shows Griff as a 20 year old infront of a TV

News: And in very recent news, the government expects their new "mind controlling" technology to come sooner than they originally implied. A more reliable guess is 2085 - 2088. A lot of mixed emotions about this....

Griff Narrating: And this just kept on happening year by year, until this mind control thing went into action. First they killed all of the elders, since the elders were the ones without a chip. All children born 2003 and beyond were implimented with a chip. This chip could control their thoughts and little did the world know that the government was just upgrading this chip. But in the year 2085 they killed all of the ones who were born before 2003... then the world was filled with people who were perfect... they removed their way of thought, their past, their emotions. Only emotion was happiness, the only bedtime was 8:00, everybody's timezone was the same somehow, The only color people could see was shades of blue, everything was taken from them... but what if I told you that somehow someway a man survived being killed by the government? What if someone could change the people? Well... I'm here to confirm that there is a person like this...

Shows Griff currently (as an 83 year old man) vlogging.

Griff: And what if I told you that man was me? But how did I do it? I hid in a mountain many years before this even happened. Everyone thinks I'm dead, because I faked my death many years ago from an explosion that I made. They couldn't find my remains in the explosion so they assumed I had died. But I didn't. I am living in my families carved out mountain that's been passed down for years apon years... Mt. R. Using this mountain to my advantage, I shall save America and what it has become...


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